Wholesale 360 Rotating Case Cover for iPad Air 5/5th

If want to get wholesale price iPad Air 5 ,suggestion go aulola.co.uk , they provide the factory price iPad air 5 360 case . also they delivery from united kingdom.

So what’s the price of this 360 ipad air case ?

Here we can see the wholesale price of this ipad air case :

100-299    £2.72     

300-499    £2.63

500-999    £2.52

1,000+     £2.40

Here we can see the this ipad air 5 pictures and feature details:

iPad Air Case Features:
1.Full body protective case for iPad Air
2.Offers full functionality to your tablet as you can access all the buttons with the case on
3.Innovatively frames the Apple logo which lets the iPad turn 360 degrees
4.Allows your iPad while inside the case in both the vertical and horizontal positions
5.So you can put up the stand for watching videos or typing
6.This iPad Air case grips the tablet perfectly to ensure utmost security
7.Its exterior is hard-sided to offer a well-built, defensive cover
8.Made from scratch-resistant material to protect your iPad from unwelcomed scratches
9.And the elastic band protects your iPad from slipping out when close it
10.Gives your iPad a professional, business-like look

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We have lots of ebay customers ,and we also provide the wholesale and retailers in the UK mainland and European continents.
We have factory located in China and also we have our own store in Shenzhen China and Manchester United Kingdom.
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Lots of Wireless Keyboard for laptop and computer

If want wireless keyboard , I here recommend some cheap and useful keyboard for your laptop and PC. 

1.$30.64 Wireless keyboard :Wireless Keyboard for Laptop or Smartphone - White

Product Features:

1. Keyboard Type: mini wireless keyboard
2. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0
3. Key press life: More than 5 million times 
4. Product color:WHITE
5.System Supported:IPAD2,Android System,Windows Mobile 
6.Support PC(windows XP/windows 
7.iPhone 4.0 OS or iPad

2.$33.83 Bluetooth Keyboard for Google Nexus 7

Product features:
1 Metal Perfect match by silicone material with leather material, waterproof, dust prevention, Low mute and portable.
2 Applicable system: PC system support for Google Nexus 7.0 inch
3 Universal Bluetooth Keyboard
4 Compatible for Android, Suitable for Google Nexus 7
8 Multifunctional
9 Comfortable hand touch
10 Convenient to use
11 Durable keyboard
12 Support Bluetooth function

3.Wireless Keyboard for Laptop or Smartphone $30.64

Product Features:

1. Keyboard Type: mini wireless keyboard
2. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0
3. Key press life: More than 5 million times
4. Product color:black
5.System Supported:IPAD2,Android System,Windows Mobile
6.Support PC(windows XP/windows
7.iPhone 4.0 OS or iPad


Different Color iPhone 5 Taktik Proof Case Reviews of Aulola

Taktik Proof Case is another famours band cell phone case like lifeproof case .this cell phone case is made of metal , it can protect your cell phone well.
From the picture we can see the details and the design of this cell phone case .
The red color one :
Taktik Proof Case for iPhone5/5S
Taktik Proof Case for iPhone5/5S
Taktik Proof Case for iPhone5/5S
The black color iPhone5 Taktik Proof Case
Just the color is different the type and the desgin is the same
you can see the main features:
1.Corning Gorilla Glass Impact Lens For ScreenProtection
2.iSight Compatible High Impact Ballistic Bezels
3.9mm Patent-Pending Impact Truss
4.Water + Dust Resistant Membranes
5.Sealed Audio & Charging Ports
6.Secure Screw Closure
7.Direct Access To All iPhone 5s Ports
8.Ringer Silencer Switch
Metal Taktik Proof Case for iPhone5/5S—Gray
This is the gray color taktik proof case , you can use it for your iphone 5 ,it touchs good. the style is fashion.
from the picture we can see it
Gray Metal Taktik Proof Case
Metal Taktik Proof Case
These are the three typical colors of the taktik proof case,if want more colors ,such as sliver , white , black or gray , you can see these taktik proof iphone 5 case from : http://www.aulola.com/productsearch/taktik


Auloa Ostrich Pillow Everywhere Sleep Reviews

Ostrich Pillow ,The most comfortable pillow to be used to sleep everywhere.
Here are three reasons to choose this ostrich pillow.
1.The design of this pillow ,it’s just like the ostrich for you ,also you can use it everywhere if you like .
Ostrich Pillow
Ostrich Pillow
Ostrich Pillow
2.The material of the ostrich pillow is good .It’s 100% cotton, you will feel very comportable when use this ostrich pillow to sleep.
3.The price ,in Aulola the ostrich pillow price is very cheap . in ebay or amazon this pillow will cost you about $90, but here you it just sells about $20.
With this price I think you can have a try .
So what’s this product main feature ?
from here you can see:
Product features:
1.Size:50*38*9 cm
2.Material:100% cotton
4.Fashional ostrich pillow for you.
5.Usage: for any one who likes them,for example:kids,adults.
7.Soft and stretchy out fabric gives skin a comfortable feeling when in use. 
8.From design to production and delivery,we can offer the best service
This ostrich pillow sales very good in Aulola. If you want a pillow to sleep ,think about this ostrich pillow ,It’s a wonderful pillow ,If like ,buy it now and save money !

Lifeproof Waterproof Case for iPhone5/5S
Ostrich Nap and Car Pillow Everywhere Nod Off To Sleep
Mouse over image to zoom 1.8” Watch Unlocked Touch Cell Phone

Mouse over image to zoom 1.8” Watch Unlocked Touch Cell Phone

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